A digital way for you to save & access loans from your informal bank

A digital way for you to save & access loans from your informal bank

Managing your Savings Club is now an Easy, Effective, Efficient,
and Productive work.

Managing your Savings Club is now an Easy, Effective, Efficient,
and Productive work.

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Organize your work in an Effective Manner

Access Loans to Grow your Organization

When your brand grows, We Grow. Grow your organization by using our core lending tool, to apply for cooperative funding from our financial partners. Acessing these funds is now easy, only a click away. Empower your members, by providing them soft loans when they need it.

Organize your work in an Effective Manner

Connect on the Go

Wherever you find yourself, managing organizational activities is no longer restricted to your office. You can respond to critical decisions right from your smart devices, on the go. Accessing your records is a click away. You are connected wherever you go.

Organize your work in an Effective Manner

Manage on the Go

Managing your organisation shouldn’t be that hard. Work is always exciting when you derive fun doing it. Managing cooperatives, savings clubs or groups, the old way only kicks the fun right out the door. Work could still be fun, Our product is built to help you get the kick on.

Organize your work in an Effective Manner

Be smooth with your operations

TechFusion provides everything you need, when and how you need it to help you smoothly operate. Our product helps take all the hassle away, providing flexible ways to improve service delivery to your vast members, meeting them right where they need you.

Organize your work in an Effective Manner

Stats at the Core

Get a peep on the performance of your organization, so you nip horrid administrative issues in the bud, in a timely manner. Successful businesses always do better with handy data. Analytics are an integral part of our system helping you make critical decision from a well-informed perspective.

Organize your work in an Effective Manner

So Intuitive, So Easy

Our product is designed to help you easily manage that back office clutter. It's really easy now to do all you’ve done on paper, and much more.

1. Powerful Reporting & Analytics

Built on some of the finest and cutting edge technology, generating daily, weekly and monthly report has never been this easy

2. Easy Sign-up

Our sign-up process has been super simplified to help your cooperative hit the ground running. We stay with you every step of the way.

3. Multiple Loan disbursement with a single click

Loan application can now be accessed remotely, reviewed and payout done instantly in split seconds.

4. Access Records from anywhere

No matter where you are, we got you covered with our cloud based system, no more moving around with bulky files or waiting to come to the office before attending to loan applications.

5. Dividends computation and payment

Annual Dividend payout has been carefully considered and skillfully built into the system with highly customizable scheduling payment options.

6. Seamless data migration

We know how difficult migration can be, with our dedicated staff on standby; we make migration look like a walk in the park, while you focus on running your cooperative.

7. Payroll

Staff salaries can now be paid instantly from the application, making it easy to manage & track administrative activities.

8. SMS & Email Alerts

Your members can now get transactional sms & email alerts, helping them easily keep track with the status of their account

9. Security & Updates

We guarantee the safety & privacy of your data, and roll out updates regularly to ensure we are meeting and surpassing your requirements.

10. Role Based Access Control

Our Role based access control functionality helps you limit the permissions of some users within your organization, helping you give each user the required access


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