‘Laughing all the way to the bank.’ This is an expression that means making easy money. Coding represents a potential means of making easy money in Nigeria.

Coding is the computer language used to develop websites, software and applications. It is the foundation upon which applications, websites and software are developed. Coding instructs and directs the computer in a language the computer understands. In other words applications, software and websites cannot exist without coding.

Globally, there is always a high demand for applications that solve practical problems. An example is the yahoo mail application on smart phones. This application takes away the impossibility of non-physical communication between multiple persons across multiple borders or locations. The owner or owners of this application make money off this application or ‘Code all the way to the bank’ when companies pay them to publish advertisements on the application or on the yahoo mail website.

At present, in Nigeria there is a boom in technology savvy youth adept at coding. This should be consolidated on by incorporating coding in simplistic forms across primary and secondary school curriculums.  The rationale being not necessarily to develop future coders but to equip Nigerians at a young age a technological problem solving and money generating tool to be exploited across all endeavors. For instance, a pharmacist developing an application to address a problem commonly faced in prescribing and dispensing medication and which could also represent money making venture. Simply put, coding would have a dual effect. A problem solving and money making effect. 

Regarding the financial gains of coding and application building and development, three avenues could be exploited, namely:

i. Sale of applications.

ii. Licensing of applications.

iii. Through advertisements.

i. Sale of applications.

An application developer could build and sell applications targeted at addressing the needs and difficulties of corporations and groups. For instance building banking or financial application which meets the needs or offers a solution to banking problems.

ii. Licensing of applications.

Licensing an application means authorizing the use of your application for a certain time frame, fee and upon certain terms. This is done through the use of a Software Licensing Agreement (SAAS) or End User Licensing Agreement (EULA).

iii. Through advertisements.

This is a situation where an individual or corporation pays an agreed amount of money to an application developer to broadcast advertisements on its application. A good example is commercials that are broadcast over the Face Book application.

In conclusion the idea is to teach coding early so to encourage financial rewards and problem solving in respective careers or as coding experts towards ‘Coding all the way to the bank.’

© 2018  Ochai, Onjefu Adakole, Esq. All rights reserved.

About the author.

He is an intellectual property lawyer and lecturer with a master’s degree in International Intellectual Property Law from Bangor University, Wales, United Kingdom. He is greatly interested in artificial intelligence and passionate about impacting  the artistic, creative and technological industry through the teaching of intellectual property laws.

He is also the legal counsel at TechFusion.


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