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General Information

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How does iCorp work?

The iCorp works like a banking system, giving authorized users the ability to update the records of members simultaneously, credit or debit their accounts as required, apply for a loan, give a complete loan repayment breakdown, completely eliminating paper records and human errors.

Who can use the iCorp?

The system is designed majorly for Cooperative societies, Savings Clubs, or Savings groups that are duly registered and have a minimum of 10 members. 

What are the benefits of the iCorp to a member of a Cooperative Society?

i. Check savings balance from anywhere without coming to the cooperative office.

ii. Apply for loan from the comfort of their homes or anywhere else.

iii. Apply for products purchase from anywhere and choosing their preferred payment plan i.e. from savings or salaries or as the cooperative might specify

iv. Computation of interest on different loan type, principal and duration of repayment of the various loan types before application for the loan.

v. Broad overview of account activity from member dashboard.

vi. Track running loans

vii. Customization of look and feel to fit the cooperative’s interest

viii. Reports on accrued Dividends

How secured is the iCorp?

With our system your funds are safe as they are managed with bank grade security systems; your data also is always secure. Our platform uses world-class standard security and encryption technology to protect all details. When you provide us with information, you can also be assured of your privacy.

Can I access the iCorp from my device?

With any internet enabled device, you can log on to your cooperative society’s URL with your username and password to perform your usual account operations such as: view your savings, apply for loans, increase your savings and view the status of your loan(s).



How do I register to become a member?

Contact your cooperative to get their unique URL, log on using the URL given which will take you to the Log in page where at the bottom you will find “Become a member”, click on it and fill in the required details, pay for the form and then wait for activation from the cooperative.

Already a Member, How do Log in?

Log on using the URL for your cooperative Society, the Log in page appears – enter your username and password. It’s that easy!